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Did you know downloading some great poetry is guaranteed to make you happy?


After reading @stephendaniels new poetry collection from @paperswanspress we had to share our thoughts in our newest 100-word review, https://t.co/H0bpnh9EgZ
*It's amazing*

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Founded in 2017 by editor Charlotte Begg, Eye Flash Poetry is focused on promoting and publishing poetry that shocks the system into a new perspective and questions the status quo.

Writers from a wide array of backgrounds have contributed to our journals and pamphlets, and we hope by supporting new and emerging poets the reader will discover new quality poetry that inspires and ignites. 

We believe there is a need for a poetry press that supports emerging new poets, underrepresented voices, and the best contemporary poets of our era.

Curated by Charlotte Begg and an eclectic mix of talented guest editors that share our vision,  Eye Flash promises unique collections of poetry that can not be found anywhere else. Eye Flash is run entirely by volunteers. 

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You can reach us on eyeflashpoetry@outlook.com