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  • Pocket Poetry Pamphlets OPEN

For Eye Flash Poetrys fith and sixth pocket poetry pamphlets we have two exciting themes for you to write about!

We are eager to read your short/micro poems about


and the theme



To submit your work, please pay for your submission through our shop page and copy your reciept number into a word doc along with up to three poems. Poems should be no longer than 12 lines and be suitable for formatting into an A5 pamphlet. Please send your submission to and put your name and which pamphlet you are submitting to in to subject header.

Both pocket poetry pamphlets will be published in June 2020, and all contributors will recieve one free copy of the pamphlet thay are published in along with a 50% discount code to use in our shop for a year.

Submissions close June 15th 2020

We look forward to reading your work!

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