We are delighted to open submissions for our Pills pocket poetry collection. After seeing a Tweet that declared ‘more poetry less pills’ we thought it important to promote the benefits of medication and tear down the negative ideology surrounding medication, especially when it comes to mental health.

So, we want to see your poems about pills. How they saved you, how they help you, and the hope they bring to your future. We want this collection to really shout the benefits of taking medication responsibly, and leave the negative, and down-right dangerous attitudes towards medication behind. Any illness, either physical or mental, can be written about.

We are aware this subject can be difficult to write about and share with the world if you have any worries about submitting to us for this pocket poetry collection please email us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.




We are looking to curate a collection of twelve poems about coffee for our new pocket poetry collection, due to be released in July 2019.

From adding structure to our morning routines to keeping us wide awake at night, coffee is part of our day. Coffee is transformative and intoxicating, and we want to see poems that reflect this.

We’d love to hear about your first ever cup of coffee, how you like to drink your coffee, what coffee has got you through, and what coffee means to you.

All poems in both pamphlets will be accompanied by a hand-drawn line illustration, courtesy of Eye Flash Editor Charlotte Begg.


Feedback will be up to 200 words that include what our editors thought of your poem/poems, any advice on structure and form we think might help, and our opinion on whether we think your poetry is ready for publication or needs more work. We will always strive to be constructive and supportive with our feedback to enable you to progress with your writing. Please add this option onto your order from our shop page.

*Submissions are open until the 24th of May, and we will respond to all submissions by the 30th of June.*


  • Please chose your submission option from our shop page and pay for it.
  • Poems up to 20 lines are preferred, but we will consider longer poems.
  • You can now submit up to five poems using a mix of the options available on our shop page.
  • Your email receipt will have a reference number- please quote this when emailing us your submission to
  • The subject line of your email should state your name, how many poems you have submitted, and what pamphlet you are submitting to, for example, Anna Britton/3 poems/coffee.
  • If you have paid for feedback please mention this in the email, together with the title of the poem you want feedback on. If you pay for feedback for more than one poem, let us know the titles you would like us to review.

All contributors receive a free download of the issue they are published in, a 50% discount to use on our site, and any royalties made. 

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